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K-5 Little Ballers Fall Basketball League

All Games Played At Seacrest School

Hoop Dreams

Little Ballers

Fall Basketball


SEPTEMBER  22, 29 & OCTOBER 13, 27





Registration fee is $85 

Please complete Registration form after you have finished paying online.


In conjunction with the HMB Boys and Girls Club


K-2nd Grade League. This group will get ½ hour of fundamental skill development each week prior to their game.  The games will be played on 7½’ hoops with modified rules that give the kids a chance to start experiencing playing basketball games with other people on the court, while allowing for mistakes and teaching to take place. These modified games will provide them a local place in HMB to have a fun and enjoyable introduction to basketball that will hopefully continue to grow with them through the years.

Registration Form

K-2nd sign up here


K-2 sign up here
6:00-7:00pm - 

3rd-5th Grade League. This group will also get ½ hour of fundamental skill development each week prior to their game.  They will play on 10’ regulation basketball hoops and they will be given the opportunity to play games that are semi competitive and fun, because they will be playing with and against their friends on a weekly basis.  For this age group, it will be a great opportunity to get in some extra time practicing their fundamental skills and playing games prior to the start of the CYO basketball season, which begins in November!

3 - 5th sign up here: 


3-5th sign up here

Both leagues will be co-ed, which means girls and boys will be playing together on teams. Games will have four 6-minute running clock quarters. All games will be officiated by refs and each participant will be guaranteed a minimum of 2 periods of playing time each game! ALL GAMES WILL BE ON FRIDAYS! Cost is $85 and includes a T-shirt.

If you would like to have your child do the 30 minutes of basketball fundamental skill development only, we are offering that from 6:00-6:30 at $45. 

Skill development only sign up here


SIGN UP ABOVE!  Space will be limited to 20 kids per K-2 and 20 kids per 3-5 for each league time slot!

Call Rick Campbell (Cunha Basketball Coach) at 650-703-1568 if you have any questions?


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